First Impressions – Your Resume

Helping people find jobs fast is a challenge we are always up for in the SlingShot offices. Even after more than a decade in recruiting and staffing, nothing beats the
moment you call and tell a candidate that “They got the job!” Those moments, can change lives, and I am so excited to get to be a part of them.

The job market is as competitive as it has ever been, it is important that we get our candidates to stand out among the pack.

I’ll be blogging about tips that I have found are helpful or best practices learned from exchanging conversations that can help get you your next shot!

This week we focus on your first impression- Your Resume.

Market your strengths– Always look at the job posting that you’re applying for, market your strengths to what the company is requiring. If you have
been an office manager that is looking for a job in Project Management,ensure that you list the projects you handled as an office manager.

Be concise with quality information – One of the most common mistakes that I see on resumes is the amount of information a candidate shares. Some share
too little, others share too much. A good, succinct and relevant resume has action and result oriented bullets that show off your talents and how they complement the job you are applying for.

Looks matter – Be sure to check spelling and grammar. Ensure that your email
address and phone number are included. Fact check, chronologically, do your
dates match up?

Create opportunities for yourself – If you are looking to transition into a different line of business or career but do not have experience, I suggest you volunteer your time to relative businesses/work. Look into startup companies, non-profits and staffing agencies for temp or volunteer employment to gain experience that not only provides practical experience but opens the door to a smooth career transition.

Keywords and phrases- Many employers, resume finders and career sites, sort resumes through key words and phrases. This is more commonly known as resume parsing. Be sure to add in specific names of systems you have worked on and pinpoint specific skill sets. For example, many people apply for Project Management positions, but do not check the broad range for Project Managers. Project Managers can range from a person that literally manage projects and facilities, to 6 sigma certified
individuals that implement processes and timelines for entire organizations. Be specific. What are you qualified for, what skills have you learned in prior positions that can be utilized in this new position.

Speaking of first impressions, SlingShot Connections enjoyed this blog from ResumeBear

What other topics would you find helpful so we can improve our support in helping you on your job search?.