Happy Memorial Day!

When I was growing up, Memorial Day signified the beginning of summer. My mom would take us shopping at the Gemco (think Target, before it was Target) for swimsuits and vacation wear, and we would almost always have a barbecue while we swam in our plastic Dukes of Hazards pool.

As I prepared to write this post, I was thinking I could make it funny, or nostalgic, or both. But I have to say, most of all I was thankful. At SlingShot Connectons, sometimes it feels like everyday is a holiday. The staff and I enjoy what we do- from workforce solutions to placing candidates, everyday has the possibility of seeing someone’s dreams coming true.

As a woman owned business in the Silicon Valley, we get to do something here that some women all over the world are not afforded or have the liberty to do. We have the men and women who have fought valiantly for our country to thank for that. And I am thankful.

The SlingShot team wishes you and yours a happy and safe Memorial Day weekend.