Happy Graduation- now what??

Diplomas have been distributed, caps have been thrown, and names have been called. We are officially wrapping up graduation season.
Graduations signify transitions into new territory, they are a promotion from a place where students once were, to hopefully catapult into the next big stage in life. Often, after the confetti has faded and the graduation cake is fully eaten, graduates are left feeling bereft and uncomfortable. The inevitable question looms, “What happens now?”

For many, it will be time to dip toes into the job pool. Luckily, our team, put our heads together to come up with some tips for success to ensure you are positioned for your next big shot after graduation!

Prepare a resume- Your resume is oftentimes your first impression. Make sure your resume tells a clear story about who you are as well as outlines your skills and experience. Check and recheck your resume to ensure the dates you have outlined match up and that there are absolutely no typos.We strongly suggest having a second set of eyes do an in-depth spelling, abbreviation and accuracy check.

Get online- Make your online presence known, ensure you have a LinkedIn profile that is filled out completely. Get recommendations from people that are both peers and you have reported to. This provides your future employer a snapshot of your professional relationships .

Set goals- If your main goal is to find a job, then set an application target for yourself. For instance, I will seek out and apply for 10 quality jobs a day.

Don’t have experience? Volunteer!!- Many people are intimidated by the fact that they may not have much on the job experience. The common workarond for those with limited experience is to look for opportunities to intern or donate time.

Happy Graduation graduates! If you find yourself looking for job openings in the future, be sure to check out our job openings: http://slingshotconnections.com/category/silicon-valley-job-openings/