Getting engaged in less than a year

Engaged, as a phrase is something we as a society associate with marriage. Which is why I love the term customer engagement. (Sorry friends that think this is sassy singles post on how to get a ring by spring.) For those that get overwhelmed by social media-isms, here’s how I explain customer engagement- how do you get customers to do more than date your brand, how do you get them to marry it?

As mentioned in my previous blog on this site (see: Get Social With Your Media.) Social Media is not what it once was assumed or projected to be. Daily, tools are created or discovered to make the social space more collaborative, interactive and even measurable.

There is no better way to gain customer engagement than to collaborate and communicate via Social Media. Think about how often the average person checks their facebook account. I read that  54% of 18-34 year olds check their facebook page once a day, which is surprisingly more than they check their bank accounts. (see article)

What if every time they saw a post from your brand it was like seeing you across the room and making eye contact with you. Making them curious- almost the beginning of a flirtation. Through your content, they would get to know you and like you. Now they want to see you beyond the walls of distraction, they want to do more than observe, they want to experience. So they try your service or product. All the while you keep them interested by mutual collaboration, and exchanging ideas. They get to know you, but you get to know them as well (we call it market research- how you can make your products better for your individual clients.) After months of conversations, in person interactions, learning about your brand, your values, and the qualities your brand has that can enhance their life, they do more than just keep you to themselves they start to talk about you, share how great you are, they gush about you like the newly affianced by recommending you to their world (their friends and connections). Ideally, isn’t that always the objective? To get customers to recommend your services?

Although we are technological lightyears away from carrier pigeons,snail mail, and rotary phones, 92% of people are still more likely to utilize a service recommended by a personal friend or acquaintance (see article). Getting customers engaged (metaphorically and literally) is key to the growth of your business.

Think on these questions if you will…
Do you feel your connections are merely dating your brand- and if so, how are you gonna get them to put a ring on it?
How can you make it easier for them to share, reshare and share again, who you are and how you can help?

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