Around the Watercooler

At SlingShot, we value connections (so much we put it in our name!). We believe the key to revolutionizing staffing and workforce solutions is to keep the lines open for collaboration and networking.

We are constantly out and about at Job Fairs speaking with partners, onsite with clients and meeting with candidates. We like keeping our ear to the ground and sharing with you the trends we hear and the things partners and clients are saying can make our candidates more marketable.

We are starting a new feature on the blog called “Around the Watercooler.” to share what we hear. Check it out and tell us what you think…


Email is a first impression:

Keep it professional from start to finish. Some employers see your email address in their inbox before they see your name on your resume. Your email address is also your future employers’ first introduction to your “personal brand.” Help them remember your name, and not an impersonal email like “” or “”

Keep interviews confident and genuine:

The process of getting a job is one of the most stressful experiences one can go through. Especially if you have been looking for work for a long time, its easy to be a bit overeager in the interview process. When interviewing, remember these three keys: Be genuine, Be authentic, and Be confident. Know about the company you are interviewing with, but try not to educate the interviewer on what they should know about their company culture.

Call Me Maybe

We see dozens of resumes daily that are missing one very important component- a current phone number. On more than one occasion we are excited to call and extend an interview offer only to be met with a disconnected number. Make it easy for you to get your job offer by ensuring your phone number is on your resume and is current. While you’re at it, do a spot check of your address and email contact information.