SlingShot ConnectionS- Around the Watercooler

If you’re new to the blog, our Around the Watercooler series (#ATWC) features trends we’re either seeing or hearing about from partners, clients and friends in the industry. Its our way of giving our loyal readers an inside track with how to enhance their current career path or to help them make their best career move.

Here’s what we’re hearing this week:

References: Phrases such as, “References Available Upon Request” are considered pase. Most hiring managers, have you fill out an application form in which you can put references (personal and professional) so adding this to your resume can seem a bit redundant. Save yourself the space used for this line to showcase a project you’ve done amazingly well.

Speaking of Projects: When noting projects in an interview or on your resume,  set yourself above the rest by noting skills that can transfer to your new role. For example: cost savings you have helped give an employer, or efficiencies that you have built in, programs that you have executed that helped your current and prior employers achieve greater heights.

Get LinkedIn: Here are the statistics. According to LinkedIn There are over 175 million people on LinkedIn and growing. Bottomline: Odds are your future employer and your competition for your next big shot are on LinkedIn. If you don’t have a profile, we strongly suggest you make one. If you have a profile, be sure to keep your profile as current as possible and connect to as many professional and personal contacts you have.

While, you’re there, get┬árecommendations: According to the people we talk to day to day, the thing most missing from a LinkedIn profiles are┬árecommendations. This is a great way to showcase the variety of people you have worked with as well as, allows other people to reinforce the great things you have already said about yourself on your resume.

Have a great week at work!