Life at SlingShotConnectionS

To end our week celebrating American Staffing Associations, “National Staffing Week” we thought we’d give you a sneak peek into the lives of a couple of our  SlingShot ConnectionS associate.

Meet Rachel and Emilie, members of the SlingShot ConnectionS family working onsite in Palo Alto!


Rachel (L) Emilie (R) SlingShot SuperStarS!!

The SlingShot ConnectionS Blog (SScB) asked Rachel and Emilie a couple of questions regarding their positions with SlingShot and their day to day lives onsite.

SScB:What is your most favorite thing about your current position?

Rachel: The innovative environment. I get to walk among the upcoming world changers! It’s an exciting vibe.

Emilie: I am able to do work I love doing with a group of talented and diverse people.

SScB: How has working with SlingShot ConnectionS been for you?

Rachel: Seamless! I have had great interaction and communication with the staff and they have superseded my expectations of a recruiting agency.

Emilie: Working with SlingShot has been awesome. Everyone has been very responsive to my questions and ensured that I was prepared and ready to go with all needed paperwork before I started.

SScB: Why would you recommend someone work a similar position like yours for a company like SlingShot?

Rachel: They really are focused on helping you fulfill your dream career!

Emilie: If you want the opportunity to work on a variety of different types of projects and people then going with a company like SlingShot merges the variety and flexibility to do that with the support of having a home company manage the payroll and benefits options.

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