The SlingShot Way


Recently, Harvard College Faculty of Arts and Sciences Dean Michael Smith encouraged the freshman class of 2016 with these three words, “Don’t Compare. Connect.”

That’s great college advice. It’s also great life advice. When building the SlingShot ConnectionS’ brand, we didn’t want to be like anyone else. We didn’t settle for business as usual. We wanted our business truly based on connections and relationships.

We look straight ahead. We don’t compare ourselves to other businesses, because we aren’t like anyone else. Our team of experienced Talent Agents bring unique strengths and abilities that we believe no one else has. Our Operations, Sales and Solutions teams are innovative in their challenge to find new and exciting ways to engage clients and create solutions.

Our candidates, are carefully screened and placed, to ensure that they are  positioned to grow in their own careers, discover their strengths, and develop their talents.

We listen to our clients; we sit in their environments so that we can design distinct personalized solutions that set them apart from their competition.


Our business approach is unique; the people we work with are one of a kind. We value connection over comparison. That’s the SlingShot way.