Stand Out at Job Fairs #AWTC

We like to attend at least 1-2 Job Fairs a month. Not only do we get to meet our business peers, we get the opportunity to get personal face time with candidates looking for work.

The key objectives at Job Fairs are to: find open positions that suit your skill set and make connections with future employers.

We put together a list of tips to ensure you make your best first impression at a Job Fair:

Plan your trip: Do your research.  We are always impressed by job seekers who come up to our booth already knowing what positions we have available, or mention something they saw on our website.

Make yourself familiar with companies and their philosophies, even if they might not have a position available for you at the present time. Strengthening relationships can keep you in mind for future positions.

Stop-Pace yourself: It’s common for people at Job Fairs to be overloaded with information. Do your best to take your time from booth to booth. Gather information, write notes, then continue to your next booth. Quality over quantity. Don’t keep count of how many booths you visited, but, make your visit to each Job Fair booth count.

Look the part: We generally don’t conduct full scale interviews on the spot at Job Fairs and neither do many of our counterparts, however, this is your chance to make a great first impression. Dress at a Job Fair as if you were ready to go straight to an interview right after you stopped at our booth.

Listen: Make eye contact and engage with the booth representative speaking to you. A common trend we see at Job Fairs is that candidates have canned responses or questions, and sometimes fail to make quality exchanges.

Jackie Mahoney, VP of Sales and Client Services, and I, at the work2future Job Fair on 10/10 at the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds