Video Interviews- the new way to get hired #ATWC

The idea behind this series on our blog is to keep you up to date on what’s new and trending in staffing, workforce solutions and technology.

Companies are doing things with technology now, that they would never have dreamed of ten years ago.  People work from home, manage teams remotely, and sometimes even different continents.

There is no doubt that companies are striving to be more innovative in the process of hiring. The trend we’re seeing more and more is video interviewing.

Are the days of driving miles to interviews and sitting in lobbies until your name is called passé?  Could you walk into your living room and meet your new boss with the click of a button? Quite possibly.

According to a recent survey by OfficeTeam – 6 in 10 companies are conducting Video Job Interviews (

So how do you get ready for a video interview?

Keep it professional- You are meeting virtually, but you still have to make a very real impression. Dress as if you are meeting an interviewer live.  Make sure that the space caught on film appears organized and professional. Note: Don’t meet in your child’s play room or with the TV on.

Download the proper plug-ins– The most popular interview platforms are Google Hangout, Skype and GoToMeeting (Citrix). Prepare yourself by already installing these systems onto your home computer.

Make it personal– Technology while, great, also allows the interviewer to meet twice as many candidates. Its always a good tip to follow up with a thank you card, email or phone call.

Have you participated in a video interview? Are there any tips you would suggest?