Resume Must Haves

When you send your resume to SlingShot ConnectonS we know you are looking for a career opportunity, not just a job. We look at each resume carefully so to find candidates that are not only qualified for open positions but are compatible with the clients we support.

Here’s what we look for when we  read your resume:

Is it concise? Most companies prefer a one page, one sided resume. If your skills and experience don’t fit on one page then try to keep it to 2 pages at the very most. Keep your overall experience high-level, and give specific measurable bulletpoints. Your resume also shows what kind of communicator you are.

Speak to the gaps: Do you have time gaps in your employment? If so, be sure to add in any volunteer time or time spent receiving training or going back to school.

Contact information: No brainer right? Unfortunately at least 1 in 5 resumes we come across do not have either an email address or a phone number. We recommend having your email address (make sure it’s a professional one – no sexybaby335 or hunkyman7), phone number (cell or home) and a LinkedIn account.

Your resume is your first impression: Keep it direct. Don’t get lost in flowery adjectives or long paragraphs.  Speak to experience and achievements. Check and double check accuracy. Do your dates match? Are phone numbers correct? Is everything spelled right? In a meeting not too long ago, a high level executive said, “When I see a spelling error in a resume, I throw it out.”

Got a resume for us us? We’re always taking them- email