Fill the Gap

One of the hardest things to explain on a resume are employment gaps. You might have gone back to school, or taken time off to raise your kids.

Gaps are easily explained once you get into a one-on-one interview. But how do you address the gaps on a resume so you can get to that one-on-one interview rather than being cycled out with other unqualified applicants?

  • Add in volunteer time: So you took time off to spend it with your kids. That is a great and noble thing, and as Oprah Winfrey says, “Child rearing is one of the hardest jobs in the world. “Chances are you did some volunteer work at a school, on field trips, or in the community, etc. Write it down, and showcase how you can be dedicated to something you are passionate about.
  • Market classes and skills: Did you take time off to go back to school? If so, add in projects, certifications and enhanced skills. This shows you have a willingness to learn, and most employers find a valuable and necessary trait.
  • Out of ideas?: Michelle Maltzahan, a colleague who also works in staffing, suggested, creating a timeline of your life for the past 10 years. Write down everything- companies you have worked for, volunteer positions and things you have found yourself passionate about. This exercise will not only jog your memory, but will also assist in helping you develop your personal brand and fill the gap.