Secrets of Successful Administrative Professionals

If I ever found myself in a zombie apocalypse, I would look for a good administrative assistant. I guarantee they’d have a map, an emergency pack, zombie repellant and extra socks.

The checklists, planning, and scheduling that administrative professionals have the ability to tackle is truly amazing. On top of all that, they are prepared for the very thing you didn’t know you needed.

Once, during a team offsite meeting there was an unscheduled rainstorm. Our admin surprised us by having rain ponchos ready for everyone!

We salute you, unsung super heroes of the work place!

To celebrate the day we asked some of the best Administrative Professionals we know, “What’s your secret for keeping your company/department/boss/the world afloat?” Here are some of the things they said.

  • NEVER EVER consider the calendar set and solid. Get the hang of the calendar being FLUID. Schedules are constantly changing especially when you are supporting a CEO/Founder.
  • Always be one or two steps ahead of your boss to prevent a crisis from erupting.
  • Remember everything can be fixed, and you can make most anything happen.
  • Contacts and relationships are key – you should have a good contact in most areas, e.g. food, transportation, lodging, etc. Keep that Rolodex or Smartphone full of useful contacts.
  • Stay humble, flexible and pray a lot.
  • Consider the job a second marriage. There has to be chemistry in the boss/EA relationship and understanding each other’s professional needs and working styles is most necessary.
  • Stream line, stream line, stream line and always document everything.
  • Most of all stay positive and maintain a great attitude.

Happy Administrative Professionals Day from the SlingShot family!