5 Ideas for Take Your Child to Work Day

From your child’s point of view, work can be the place that takes you away, makes you late for dinner or doesn’t give you enough time to spend with them.

Take Your Child to Work Day is a great opportunity to share the adventure of work  — your chance to show them the other side. If you’re bringing your child to work today show them something about you that they seldom get to see. Here are some ideas:

  • Let them dress for work the way you do. If you have a dress code, let them support it too.  Whether it’s suits and ties or hard hats, make the experience authentic.
  • Get the most out of your time. Kids are able to focus about one minute for every year of life. If you’re bringing your five year old to work, plan your day in five minute spurts.
  • Introduce your child around the office. Allow them to shake hands, look people in the eye and meet the people you spend time with when you’re not with them.
  • Explain your routine. The fact that you have a schedule and things you need to tick off your to-do list can show them the value of school work, homework schedules and that you have to be organized too.
  • Take them on a tour. When you’re a kid, any place can be full of wonder.  When my niece comes into the office, she’s not in awe of the computers or our cool SlingShot swag—she’s obsessed with the shredder. And if you have a vending machine, don’t forget to let them buy something from it. Let’s admit, there is nothing cooler for any age group than candy falling from a machine and swooping right out the front into your hands.

Most of all, have a great day showing them what you do!

Happy Take Your Child to Work Day from our brood to yours!! Pictured: Children of SlingShot Staffers: Talent Agent: Jennifer Espiritu-Perez, Talent Agent: Ashley Mahoney and VP of Business Solutions: Thereza Sagon