Happy Mothers’ Day

Moms wear many hats—chauffer, maid, disciplinarian, monster-chaser, owie-kisser, sports fan, appointment-scheduler— the list goes on and on.

Wearing all those hats during the day and making sure the kids are fed, homework is done and bedtime rituals are followed each night is nothing short of exhausting.

For moms everywhere, balance is essential.

We asked our favorite moms on Facebook, “What is the key to maintaining balance?”

Here’s what our Slingshot Facebookers said:

It’s so important for moms to never lose their identity; you are more than a mom. Remember sometimes to put on great sunglasses, some expensive lip gloss, listen to good music and drive until you remember who you are. — Sandy, mom of 2

Don’t sweat the small stuff. — Ny, mom of 6

Love yourself enough to take a deep breath and enjoy being a woman not just a mom. Buy some cute shoes, take a moment alone with a NEW magazine, indulge in YOUR (not your kids) favorite sweet treat. — Camille, mom of 1

You have to refill and refresh so that you can continue to give and care for the ones you love. If that means putting it on the calendar- write it in permanent marker so it can’t be erased! — Celine, mom of 4

Giggle with girlfriends, take in a movie (alone) go on a date with your hubby or boyfriend, play video games. — Lisa, mom of 3

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