What first impression are you making?

Your email to a corporate recruiter, hiring manager or SlingShot talent agent is usually the first look they have of you. Make sure you get the most out of your email-first-impression by doing the following simple things:

1)   It sounds obvious, but start with a professional email address.  Think about it— is a hiring manager more likely to hire someone with the email address

partygirl23@emailcarrier.com or Susie.Jobseeker@emailcarrier.com?

Some examples of professional email addresses are:

2)   Use a professional email profile (avatar) picture along with your email.  Often, the first time we see you is via your email avatar. There’s no need to be in a suit and tie, but please, no photos of you doing a keg-stand with a red Solo cup in your hand!

3)   Consider what you’re saying about yourself through your email signature.  Sometimes inspirational quotes or sayings can be completely appropriate. If you have this feature activated on your email profile it can provide insight to you and your personality, which might be fine. What is not so great is an inappropriate line from your favorite 2 Chainz song or a graphic quote from “Fifty Shades of Grey,” (yes, we really see things like that).

4)   Use proper grammar and spelling. When you’re emailing a hiring manager or recruiter you’re not texting your friends. Rather, you are likely asking a career-opportunity question or submitting a resume.  Emailing: “I wud luv a job wid ur cmpny,” is probably not the best representation of your communication skills.

For each step of the process use your common sense. Ask yourself what kind of impression you’re making with your email address, photographs, quotes, grammar and spelling. Would you hire you based on what you see? Hopefully the answer is a resounding YES!