Your Recruiter. Your New Best Friend.

There are a lot of benefits to working with a recruiter.  Since recruiters have direct connects with companies they are hiring for working with one can make the hiring process more efficient.

A recruiter can tell you things that a hiring manager can’t,  like how to prepare for an interview and what to expect in regards to the company culture. Some recruiters will even give you tips on your resume and help you understand salary expectations.

Here are some tips for successfully working with a recruiter:

  • Make your first impression count. Like we mentioned in a previous blog post, first impressions are lasting impressions.  In your first email, phone call or LinkedIn connection, make an effort to be direct and concise.  A great outline for a first interaction is to be sure to cover the 5W’s and H.
      • Who are you?
      • What position are you contacting the company about?
      • When are you available to start?
      • Why do you think you’re a good fit for the position?
      • Where did you hear about the company or the job opening?
      • How? How can we reach you? – Provide a current phone number and accurate email address
  • Be honest. “Honesty is the best policy.” A candid and honest relationship with your recruiter will work to your benefit.  Be honest about pay, commute, hours, and what you are looking for in a career. Recruiters want to know these things to assess whether a position is best suited for you.
  • Ask for feedback. A hiring manager is more likely to give feedback to your recruiter rather than to you directly. If you didn’t land the interview you thought you had “killed,” it’s worth asking your recruiter if there was anything you could have done differently so you can do more than “kill” an interview, you can “land” a job.

Here’s a bonus tip, that many recruiters may not tell you, but will be thankful if you do it. Send your resume in Word.  PDF and rtf files are often hard for a recruiter to forward onto a hiring manager.