Countdown to Thanksgiving – Jennifer Espiritu-Perez

Team SlingShot wanted to share with you our favorite recipes and family traditions as we countdown to one of our favorite holidays of the year- Thanksgiving!

Up first, is Talent Agent, Jennifer Espiritu-Perez, who shares how she will keep her family’s hearts and bellies full this year!







Every year for Thanksgiving, I do most of the cooking, which my family loves! My only challenge is that I have a hard time cooking small portions. Every year, our table looks like I’m about to feed a whole army and I don’t cook traditional Thanksgiving dishes, but lots of different dishes!  The younger kids get to say prayers and what they are thankful for before dinner. After dinner, we hang out to play games or just watch TV, then we pick names for our Secret Santa . Although my family is grateful for everything we have every day of the year, I think it’s important to celebrate and express what we are thankful for so that the kids understand how blessed they are and what being a family truly is.

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