New Year’s Resolutions for Work

Want to experience professional growth this year? Here are some New Year’s resolutions to help you start off a successful 2014 work year. 

Get to work 15 minutes early – The early bird truly gets the worm. Studies show that you will get more work done if you start your day with some uninterrupted preparation time. Besides, why not make a positive impression?  When you’re at work before everyone else, you present yourself as motivated and ambitious.

Be on time for meetings – When review and promotion time comes around, it is helpful to be remembered as the person who is timely, reliable and dependable. Further, some folks regard lateness as downright rude. See the Huffington Post article, “How Did It Get to Be ‘OK’ for People to Be Late for Everything?”


Take on new projects – New projects are a great way to enhance your skills and an opportunity to be exposed to new areas of business. Educate yourself on unfamiliar technologies and techniques and potentially work with new groups. Expand both your knowledge and your network.

Deliver a presentation in front of an audience- Successful professionals learn to master the art of public speaking. Those skills are useful whether addressing thousands of people or a group of 12 investors.  Get your feet wet and discover your communication style. If you’re afraid of public speaking don’t fret, a majority of people are. For public speaking tips, try reading Jan Yeager’s The Fast Track Guide to Public Speaking.

Make new friends According to a recent Gallup study, having friends at work improves morale and employee satisfaction. If later you decide to move on, positive business relationships are the best way to network new opportunities. Word of caution though – ensure that your personal relationships do not interfere with job performance.

Get a mentor – Business mentors are key to success.  Seek out someone who is on the same or similar career path. A mentor can provide feedback – positive advice, as well as pitfalls to avoid as you grow in your career.

Update your resume – Although you may not be looking for a new job right now, it’s a good practice to keep your resume updated.  A current resume can reveal areas to strengthen your skills and opportunities to create a stronger professional profile.