Cell Phones And Your Job Search

Even more than “living in a digital age”, we live in a mobile age. With your cell phone you literally have thousands of opportunities and tools in the palm of your hand.

Here are a couple of apps that can assist in your job search:

Jobs by Careerbuilder :

What sets this app apart is that you can apply for jobs right in the app interface. Let’s say you’re having lunch with a friend and they mention a position that is perfect for you on Careerbuilder, where there are thousands of jobs. You can apply for the job within seconds directly from the app. Other apps have not mastered this integration yet


Indeed gives you free access to millions of postings from both job boards and company websites. The search functionality is extremely easy to navigate. In addition, you can set up saved searches to get alerts for jobs that you might qualify for.


Downloading the LinkedIn app gives you instant access to the largest professional network in the world. You can effectively use LinkedIn by following company pages that you see as potential employers. Be the first to hear about their job openings.


With just one status update you have access to  millions of people. Try posting a status that says, “Looking for a job  in (city), if you know of any leads please reshare and let me know.” You’ll be surprised at how eager your network will be to help you find a job. If you feel comfortable add your email address in the status to make it easy for a hiring manager to contact you (just make sure it’s a professional email address see our post on that http://slingshotconnections.com/what-first-impression-are-you-making/).

Look for the apps in the Google Play or ITunes store and let us know how you like them by tweeting us @slingshotconns or sending us a message on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/SlingShotconnectionS