Interviews are like First Dates

Happy Valentine’s Day SlingShotters!

This Valentine’s Day, we hope you get a lot of love and find a job you love.

In keeping with the love theme, we have found that the quest to find the perfect love is often similar to the quest to find the perfect job, especially when it comes to first dates.

Think about it. On both first dates and interviews you want to make a lasting impression. Your objective is to make yourself memorable and get the other person to call you back.

Here are some things to remember on first dates and first interviews.

Sweatpants not allowed: First dates are first impressions just like first interviews. No matter the outcome, you want to make the best impression, right?  When you don your interview outfit does it make you feel like the best version of yourself? If the answer is yes, you’ve found the right look.

Don’t talk bad about your exes: In an interview, don’t bad-talk previous employers. The hiring manager might think the old woes about your former employer will be the new woes when you get hired. Same goes with ex-loves.

Know as much about them as they know about  you: Interviews, like dating, are two sided. Not only are they assessing you for the right fit and whether you’ll be and asset to them, you are discerning whether or not you can see yourself at that company, in that role and whether they’ll be an asset to you.

Even the things you don’t think matter, matter: A girlfriend of mine once told me that she can tell whether she’ll like a guy on a first date based on the way he talks to the host at the restaurant. Your hiring manager and their staff are watching your every move. From the moment you set foot in the waiting area, know that how you interact with each person is part of the interview process.

If you’re interested, follow up and make yourself memorable: Remember to grab a business card at the end of your interview. If a date goes well, it’s always good form to call or send a text message thanking your date for their time. Text messages are too informal for an interview. However, do your best to connect on LinkedIn and send a thank you message that includes a personal detail that ties back to your interview. You can go the extra mile by sending a personal email. Want to really wow? Send a personalized hand written card.