12 Tips of Christmas – Tip 9

Its a Christmas countdown! With less than a week, until Santa comes down the chimney, we’re giving you the gift of 12 interview and career tips for Christmas!

Tip 1: Research the company in advance of the interview to gain a clear understanding of their products, services, history and current news on them.

Tip 2: Follow the company you’re interviewing with your interested in on LinkedIn. Take note of valuable information like who the president of the company is.

Tip 3: Your email address is your first impression, what impression are you making?Make sure you have a professional email address on your resume and career sites.
Tip 4:  Leave early for your interview to ensure that you do not get lost and you find a good parking spot.

Tip 5: Make sure that the words on your resume are spelled correctly. Run it through spell check a few times and have someone read it over. Some words may be spelled similarly but don’t mean the same things (ie Manger vs Manger)

Tip 6: Dress appropriately for an interview. When in doubt err on the side of looking more professional.

Tip 7: Practice interview questions or challenges in past positions. Be prepared to highlight past accomplishments , goals, strengths, etc

Tip 8: Bring a clean copy of your resume with you to the interview. Regardless of if the company has received one already. Its a good way to show that you’re always prepared

Tip 9: If asked about weaknesses or challenges in past positions, be prepared and ready to share what actions were taken to overcome these obstacles.