Join SlingShot’s Business Mentorship Program!

SlingShot Connections is a rapidly growing start-up nestled in the heart of Silicon Valley. As a company who believes in giving back to the next generation of leaders, we have created a pilot Mentorship Program that is designed to combine real life sales experience with practical business insights to enhance your classroom education.

Do you think you can rock at being a brand and sales ambassador for a rapidly growing startup?

You will work in a fast paced, “apprentice-style,” environment with individuals who have mastered the art of the staffing business. Our executive team possesses Fortune 100 and 500 experience and you will be working directly with them as well as adding your own creative ideas to projects you will be involved with. The experience you will receive will be invaluable in contributing to your future success as a business leader.

Sound like something you want to do?

Individuals who seek a flexible work schedule with a competitive compensation package can apply by expressing their interest and emailing their resume to

Participants of SlingShot Connections’ Business Mentorship Program will:

  • Receive and share instant feedback
  • Strengthen their individual networks
  • Socialize and connect with other sales executives
  • Experiment with cutting edge business techniques in controlled environments
  • Camaraderie among like individuals with the same goals
  • Gain practical insights into various areas of business including sales, marketing, finance and operations
  • Meet once a week to discuss projects – must be able to commute to the Silicon Valley