SlingShot Connections- A Valentine’s Love Story

SlingShot Connections began almost 3 years ago. I have been part of the SlingShot journey almost that whole time.

You can say that SlingShot and I are newlyweds, celebrating our “leather” anniversary. Yes that is a thing, Hallmark has a whole list of proper gifts to give each year – check it out here.

Just like any blushing bride on Valentine’s Day, looking at a 3rd Anniversary around the corner, I wanted on the day of love to talk about why even on hard days I am proud to represent SlingShot Connections as a company and a brand.

I like to make lists…so here goes mine:

1) I haven’t seen the whole planet yet, but I am pretty sure, I work with some of the best people on this planet. They are smart, witty, hard working, and willing to do anything for each other, our clients and the company as a whole. We also have some great potlucks, don’t believe me? Just check out our Instagram feed at
 photo 1979755_756671107721413_280713808731237538_n_zps055aae42.jpg

2) Creativity is key – I appreciate a place that values each individual, we are encouraged in our strengths and invited to be creative in the spaces in which we work. This allows us to be innovative, personal and unique. Its kind of awesome to be valued for how ridiculous I can be (and that’s a lot)

3) Connections isn’t just a name, its a lifestyle. I came from a company where sometimes the work overshadowed the people. At SlingShot, people matter. From client, to candidate, peer or manager, our business thrives on the fact that people are all connected. We believe if we fortify our connections with one another we can be great together and what’s not to love about that?
 photo 1979755_756671107721413_280713808731237538_n_zps055aae42.jpg

Do you love your job? Comment below, and let us know 3 things that make your job or company great.

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