Accounts Payable Manager

Location: Salinas, CA


Supervises the employees and coordinates the activities of the Accounts Payable department; reviews the work of employees; investigates billing discrepancies; prepares summary reports; and does other work as required.



The Accounts Payable Manager is responsible for processing all accounts payable for the company including bill payments and contract payments. The work of the Accounts Payable Manager requires ongoing supervision of accounting clerical staff and frequent contact with members of the public and company departments to resolve billing discrepancies. General bookkeeping and accounting tasks and may serve as a lead worker to accounting technical and clerical staff.


  1. Provides daily supervision of a staff of accounting technical and clerical personnel responsible for processing all purchase orders, contract payments and other claims; plans, directs, assigns, coordinates and reviews the work of subordinate staff.
  2. Interviews and recommends selection of candidates for employment; provides training, reviews performance and prepares performance evaluations; recommends disciplinary action when necessary.
  3. Plans and implements goals, objectives, standards and procedures for Accounts Payable Unit in conjunction with departmental management staff.
  4. Reviews all contracts committing the company to expenditure of funds to determine the amount of money to be encumbered and the payment schedule authorized; processes change orders affecting payment schedules and amounts to be paid; reviews all requests for final payment to determine that appropriate documentation has been received verifying that all contractual obligations have been met.
  5. Reviews and analyzes unliquidated encumbrances; liquidates remaining encumbrance balances after last payments have been completed.
  6. Supervises and participates in the review and processing of budget transfers; approves transfers.
  7. Monitors all service and supplies line items in all budget units to determine that sufficient funds remain for payment of accounts payable; notifies departments when additional funds are required.
  8. Works with vendors to resolve billing discrepancies; researches the records of the Auditor-Controller, the Purchasing Office and operating departments to resolve discrepancies; processes the most difficult transactions.
  9. Monitors all fixed asset expenditures and updates fixed asset accounting records.
  10. Provides summaries and analysis of Accounts Payable records to assist in the compilation of the company’s cost plan
  11. Completes special projects as assigned.




  1. The principles and practices of financial record keeping as they relate to the accounts payable function
  2. Working knowledge of:
    1. Basic accounting practices and procedures.
    2. Automated accounts payable systems.
  3. Some knowledge of:
    1. Principles and practices of effective supervision.
  4. Skill and Ability to:
    1. Read, understand and interpret the principles, laws and procedures involved in the accounts payable function.
    2. Plan, direct and review the work of subordinate accounts payable staff.
    3. Supervise and evaluate subordinate accounts payable staff; provide training; recommend and carry out disciplinary action.
    4. Prepare financial reports and maintain journals.
    5. Analyze, evaluate and draw logical conclusions from data.
    6. Analyze administrative procedures; recommend and implement improvements.
    7. Communicate effectively both orally and in writing.
    8. Provide excellent and courteous customer service and establish and maintain effective working relationships.


Must have:

  • Two years of experience supervising the Accounts Payable Section of a large firm OR
  • Three years of experience as a Senior Account Clerk