Are you ready for some FOOOTBALL?!

As a thriving business with headquarters in the Bay Area, we are excited to be a stone’s throw away from Levi’s Stadium, the location in which Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers will take on Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos for Superbowl 50!
For those of you that don’t know,  Levi’s stadium home of the Superbowl this year is a mere 10 miles away from our headquarters in West San Jose.
So how can you be prepared for football’s “big show”  if you’re living and working in Santa Clara or the neighboring cities?
Be aware of traffic closures, alternative routes and a change in commute times. A lot of the events leading up to the Superbowl are taking place from Morgan Hill to San Francisco. With 
thousands of visitors flying in and driving from city to city, we strongly recommend downloading a traffic app such as Waze ( or Google Maps                                             ( so that you can estimate accurately,your commute. 
Be aware of office closures, alternate working locations or schedules. Many of our partners and clients in the North San Jose, Santa Clara, San Francisco and Palo Alto areas are either closing offices or suggesting that employees work remotely. Plan ahead and ask if there will be alternative ways to work or a change in your normal schedule. 
Be flexible. This is a once- in-a-lifetime event, and the first experience of its kind for many in the local area. Flexibility will be key for a successful week without added frustrations. 
If you have any questions or are an employer requiring extra staff for this year’s Superbowl- please do not hesitate to contact either our headquarters at 408-247-8233 or our Central Coast location at 831-663-4000