Accounting Technician

Location: Salinas, CA


Under direction, the Accounting Technician performs a full range of bookkeeping duties.


  • Establish, maintain and control a set of highly complex financial and statistical records utilizing a thorough knowledge of bookkeeping principles
  • Performs a thorough knowledge of bookkeeping principles and performs a limited analysis of financial and fiscal data under the direction of departmental management and professional accountants
  • Supervises and participates in posting of financial and statistical information to logs, journals, ledgers and other records utilizing hand posting techniques, or personal and mainframe computers; reviews source documents to insure accuracy; assigns proper account codes as needed
  • Prepares periodic summaries of transactions including trial balances, worksheets and revenue and expense statements
  • Examines, reconciles and adjusts accounting records; identifies and resolves problems and makes corrective entries using hand posting techniques, or personal and mainframe computer generated programs


  • 2+ years’ experience performing duties equivalent to a Senior Account Clerk or completion of a training course leading to a bookkeeper certificate and six months of supervised on the job training.
  • Read and write clearly and effectively to prepare and maintain accurate and complete records and reports such as financial summaries, ledgers and journals


  • Operate a calculator, typewriter, personal and/or mainframe computer and other office equipment


  • Review, code, post, adjust and summarize fiscal transactions or statistical data
  • Understand and apply the principles, laws and procedures involved in fiscal recordkeeping and accounting function
  • Work with a minimum of supervision
  • Understand and carry out complex oral and written policies and procedures
  • Understand the relationship among accounting records and documents