Hardware Testing Lead

Location: Fremont, CA


  • Assisting line master to ensure proper operation of production line
  • Hold meetings within the team
  • Check operator’s attendance, report daily attendance to line master
  • Arrange operator support daily production operation
  • Make sure everyone is aware of what the team members are doing
  • Production issue review from past
  • Attend daily production meeting, input/output according build plan
  • Check email timely and communicating new task to all team members
  • Check SOP, related documents up to date & implement 100%
  • Production equipment & fixture, maintained & refilled properly
  • Prior to model change, ensure that the stations involved are ready to use
  • Supervise & evaluate operators’ performance.  During the testing cycle monitor the test progress reduce UUT idle time
  • Operator training, review arrangement & qualification
  • Identify skill gaps, plan training for the identified operator
  • Assists Line Master to solve production issues
  • When test issues arises, assists operator to solve it, or report to TE/PE
  • Report all issues cause production delay within 30 minutes to Line Master
  • Follow up all open issues cause production delay & close it within 1 hour
  • Escalate all issues cause production delay over 1 hour to Manager level
  • Check & report if there might be any delays in achieving the input schedule
  • Constantly assessing the work assignment to each of operator & re-balance or re-allocate them as need
  • Create a conducive environment, make maximum throughput.
  • Retaining skilled operator by instilling leadership in them & provide guidance to junior operator as and where needed which would help them to grow



  • Education Level: AA, AS or above
  • 2 year work experience with computers and related products
  • Experience in team work is required



  • Computer and electronics knowledge required
  • Leadership is compulsory
  • Good verbal and written English
  • Bilingual is preferred