Facilities Safety Inspector/ Tester

Location: Palo Alto, CA


  • The Tester/Operator will test three types of smoke devices: smoke alarms, carbon monoxide (CO) alarms, and combination smoke/CO alarms.
  • Replace smoke/CO devices
  • Smoke Device Tester/Operator will be out in the field testing smoke devices and inspecting fire sprinklers for most of the work day.
  • Will walk or ride a bicycle to get to the different locations. There will also be stair climbing during the day for buildings with multiple floors
  • During the day Smoke Device Tester/Operator will carry a four to six foot testing pole and a backpack weighing from 5 to 10lbs.
  • Tester/Inspector will be required to lift their arms above their shoulder during the testing.



  • Intermediate computer skills with emphasis on Microsoft Office products (Outlook, Word and Excel).
  • Must be friendly, responsive, flexible and personable to the needs of others.
  • Must be able to organize soft copy and hard copy data in a systematic way.
  • Inputs information quickly and accurately from a variety of sources into an existing Excel database.
  • Pays attention to details.
  • Team mind set but can work independently.
  • Ability to remain self-motivated at all times.
  • This is a physically demanding position. This person must be fit enough to walk much of the day, to climb stairs, to endure the winter cold and/or rain storms. This person must be able to ride a bicycle.
  • Able to climb on a ladder
  • Ability to carry a 40lbs ladder
  • Ability to carry a 10lbs backpack
  • Experience inspecting smoke devices is a plus but not required
  • More experienced candidate will be considered for the lead position.