Happy Mothers’ Day – 2017

As you know, we have been featuring a lot of our staff that is working mothers. SlingShot is very much a family, so sometimes over coffee or lunch, someone will bring up something going on with one of their kids. It could be academic, athletic, or someone having a crush or new girlfriend.

Sorry kids, we’re pretty transparent in the SlingShot Offices, if you’re going through it, chances are we’ve heard about it. Kelly Sheahan, our CFO is one of the more quieter workers at SlingShot.

One of our favorite things is when in the middle of kid information shares, you hear random, hilarious and often profound advice given from in between her crunching numbers.

Over the years, we have learned,

  • “You absolutely DO NOT give aspirin if one has a concussion.”
  • “Boys will eat more as they get older, prepare yourself.”
  • “Its important that your kids read a lot, and yes, I allow books on tape.”

On this Mothers’ Day we thought it fitting to have Kelly share with you, her advice for working mothers.

As always, its great advice, if you’re a mother now, or plan on starting a family in the future. Thanks for sharing with us Kelly, and Happy Mothers’ Day!

Advice for Working Mothers:


After working for the past 30 years while raising two children, I can honestly say I never found true work-life balance. Not that I didn’t try (only everything I could think of!). Somewhere along the way, I realized that no one can truly have it all—sacrifices must be made!

That said, I humbly offer the following advice to working mothers:

Realize there are limitations. Work-life balance might more aptly be called trade-off-balance. Working while raising a family is about making choices on how you spend your time. After you realize you can’t cheat time, forgive yourself that you can’t “have it all” or do it all and move on.

Make regular, intentional, quality time (without distractions like cell phones et al) with your children, your spouse and yourself. (Early on, I often found that when it came to work and family, I usually put myself last—it’s hard not to make this mistake—be aware).

Having a family is challenging and doing it while working is even more difficult. Recognize this and give yourself a pat on the back. Both of these life choices are worthwhile and both require sacrifice and hard work (on everyone’s part—not only yours).

Share household responsibilities with your spouse. Don’t do it all, or even most of it.

Get the outside support you need so you don’t turn into a frazzled wreck—a frazzled wreck of a mother is no good for anyone, especially you!

Advocate and speak up for companies and a society that recognizes and supports the value of family. If we join together in the work-life-family-challenge, companies will be more productive and society will be better off.

Finally, honor yourself every day that you’ve taken on such a challenge. Hats off and applause to you working mothers…you are amazing.

Happy Mother’s Day!!

Kelly with her 2 children, Michaela and Keenan