Associate Manager – Site Merchandising

Location: San Bruno, CA

The Associate Manager will ensure all data relating to displayed items is accurate and complete. The candidate must be able to understand top search terms and how to optimize to increase customer engagement.

Key Activities

  • Understand top search terms and highest visited area for relevant department
  • Ensure catalog within the department is searchable and discoverable
  • Understand customer search and browse behavior and how they land on the page, where they go and what enables or inhibits them from selecting and purchasing items
  • Prioritization and optimization of facets
    • Monitors in stock levels and reacts
  • SEO Optimizations
    • Makes sure navigators makes sense and options available are in line with product price range
    • Look at number of product options and determine whether they need to be refined for easier customer access and find-ability
    • Determine what items need to be catapulted for promo, highlights, etc.
    • Ensure results are optimal for shopping experience