Operations Coordinator

Location: Santa Clara, CA

Event Reservations
a. Manage event reservation processes with various payment types (i.e. credit card, cash, and checks) within Blackbaud CRM/BBIS.
b. Manage and track RSVPs by type (i.e. online, phone, in person, etc.).
c. Proactively communicate and share event status and updates with the operations manager, operations team, and Directors.
d. Revise operational/transactional process documentation as needed and proactively update staff and students (as appropriate).
e. Proactively prepare and distribute reports (e.g. monthly RSVP tracking, monthly demographic, event closure reports, annual RSVP tally, etc.) to appropriate recipients in a timely manner.
f. Manage demographic updates (i.e. change of name, address, phone, and email) processes
g. Assist departments with special event tasks as needed.
h. Support and attend various Alumni events as needed; some events occur during the evening or weekends.

2. Alumni House Operations
a. Oversee the operations for the Alumni House.
b. Manage the reception area. This responsibility includes overseeing greeting and directing incoming guests as well as providing information, responding to requests, taking reservations, and resolving issues.
c. Lock and Unlock the Alumni front door and conference rooms at the start and end of the shift.
d. Manage and direct calls from the main office line, ext. 6800.
e. Manage and schedule the Alumni conference rooms.
f. Ensure the conference rooms are clean before, between, and after each use.
g. Create and distribute the weekly conference room schedules to the Operations team to effectively communicate which departments and/or staff are using these rooms.
h. Prepare and post the daily schedule for room 101 to proactively inform users of the availability of the room.
i. Submit work orders to facilities and building manager, as needed.
j. Oversee all printers (Rabbit, 4050 and 4250), fax machine and credit card machine ensuring supplies (paper and ink) are stocked and manage regular maintenance and repairs.
k. Manage the mailing center; distributing incoming mail, mailing cards, FedEx