Location: Palo Alto, CA


Greet customers and render assistance as necessary responding to inquiries of products and merchandise
Carry and shelve merchandise inventory; may also pull and package merchandise for return to vendors
Straightens merchandise, stock shelves, prices merchandise and may assists in setting up displays and signs
May be required to mop, vacuum, clean shelves and take out trash
Ensure inventory controls tags are removed and/or replaced on merchandise according to company standards as applicable
Pick, process and pack orders for shipping in accordance with Retail Store Operations
Fill in for other employees during absences, for breaks and lunches and during periods of high volume
May perform data entry or type simple correspondence including printing and system back-up
Take inventory as needed and may have responsibility for ordering general merchandise items (snacks, beverages, newspapers, magazines etc.)
May provide customer service/sales functions for specials events (including but not limited to author signings, graduation and athletic events)
Perform other duties as assigned