IT Support

Location: Santa Cruz, CA
Schedule: Monday-Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm (with possible OT)
Duration: 3 months, possibly longer

Job description
· Provides user support utilizing an established tracking system for help desk requests; responds to inquiries
through the tracking system and over the phone; monitors and tracks problems and their resolution; identifies
patterns of failure and applies knowledge of computer software and hardware procedures to implement
solutions and diagnostic procedures.
· Installs, repairs, and maintains computers, printers, network hardware, switches, routers, and cabling;
troubleshoots routine hardware problems and replaces failed components; installs technology systems and
equipment in a proper and safe manner.
· Assists in developing and writing user procedure manuals; teaches basic system operational procedures such as
login and e-mail access; assists in configuring basic user environments to meet individual needs.
· Coordinates inventory control of computer parts; maintains supplies inventory.
· Participates in the assembly and testing of new systems; coordinates the unloading, asset tagging,
documentation and installation of new computer equipment and the removal, storage, and disposition of
obsolete computer equipment.
· Installs new application software as well as system hardware and software upgrades.
· Performs user-level administration of Windows Active Directory (AD) and Exchange; creates, maintains,
monitors and troubleshoots user accounts, logins, email, and security; sets access security.
· Assists in building and monitoring Windows servers, NIX operating systems, and networks; performs routine
configuration maintenance; troubleshoots routine operation and configuration issues and tests system stability;
performs reset, recovery and backup procedures.