Investigative Administrative Support

Position Title: Investigative Administrative Support
Location: Salinas, CA

• Performs office or field data collection, has access to information regarding
informants/witnesses and operations and maintains confidentiality of such information.
• Assists with data entry and production of records, tracks impounded vehicles, monitors
and processes DMV paperwork for fleet, maintains records and correspondence, and
takes vehicles for maintenance, as required
• Assists with discovery items and will see/hear a lot of confidential information
• Prepares charts and diagrams to provide information for court presentation; collects and
organizes information and documents
• Maintains work production and/or travel records
• Researches information needed by teams
• Reviews records for personal history or other information; prepares written and statistical
• May be assigned higher level tasks or broader responsibility on a training basis,
additional administrative tasks or responsibility for coordinating/monitoring special


• A combination of experience, education and/or training which substantially demonstrates
the following knowledge, skills and abilities: License: Must possess a valid California
class C driver license
• Knowledge of: The criminal justice system, criminal prosecution, basic investigative
• procedures/techniques and the functions/authority of the office/department to which
• Ability to research, compile, report and/or display information in support staff
• Recognize and observe the extent of assigned responsibility and authority
• Document findings and observations; maintain records; learn and apply basic
investigative and legal principles/techniques; search for and obtain copies of public
• Learn and apply knowledge of California court and corrections systems
• Maintain confidentiality of sensitive information

• Maintain proper demeanor
• Deliver documents in a timely and efficient manner, schedule delivery routes, work
without close supervision
• Organize information, reports and documents; make arithmetical calculations
• Compile simple data and make simple reports
• Communicate effectively both verbally and in writing
• Explain procedural information; remain calm in stressful situations; understand and carry
out verbal and/or written directions