In addition to talent acquisition, placement and providing a flexible workforce, with the use of technology, we offer our clients workforce solutions that drive operating costs lower and add growth and profitability. Our competitive advantage is our collective staffing and workforce solutions experience, our customer and associate contacts, our technology partners and our creative, customized approach to discovering and addressing our clients’ needs. We’re one of the leading general labor staffing, finance and accounting staffing, and clerical staffing agencies serving California and El Paso, TX.

Many internal departments struggle to establish and maintain the critical connection between business requirements and associated contingent workforce acquisition, which results in a gap between business process and application of services. This means unrealized benefits and higher costs for recruitment efforts. At SlingShot Connections, we align our process-management methodologies with the clients’ needs to drive significant value through outsourcing.

The resulting benefits are:

  • Substantial cost reductions over traditional onshore and offshore staffing
  • Access to the appropriate skill sets and experience levels to meet immediate needs.
  • The ability to redirect internal resources back into core business initiatives.
  • Flexibility to rapidly respond to shifting skill and resource needs.
  • Improved performance in business operations.
  • Impact on company growth, revenue and profits.

The key to our business is sourcing, recruiting and maintaining a quality database of associates who are ready for work site placement. Both contingent staffing and workforce solution clients are looking for outcomes that can provide them with talented workers as well as high-quality staffing solutions. The SlingShot Connections team has the experience to screen, recruit and place candidates in the appropriate positions and market segments.

We use the following sources to recruit and connect with our associates:

  • Advertising through our job boards via the SlingShot website.
  • Personal referrals along with leveraging a “grass roots campaign” to ensure word of mouth and personal connections.
  • Job Centers – working with the unemployment offices, college career centers, technical career centers and veterans assistance programs.
  • Social Media – with social media as a conduit for communications, we are able to identify candidates and ensure orders are filled quickly.
  • We offer tips for resume writing/interviewing and career path opportunities as part of our recruiting process.

Our internal and external client relationships lead to the exploration and co-creation of new business solutions, innovative concepts, and new possibilities. By listening to our clients, we are able to stay at the forefront of the ever-changing staffing industry. Our team has a proven track record of implementing and managing a variety of workforce solution programs. As a contingent workforce solutions provider, understanding our clients’ business needs and efficiently delivering the right services and talent is at the core of every program.

Whether you’re looking for general labor staffing, finance and accounting staffing, or clerical staffing agencies, we can help you reach your goals. Contact us today for more information.

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